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Mar 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
. >> thousands of government workers can expect temporary furloughs over the next six months. the house voted yesterday to keep the government running for the next six months, but left in place $85 billion in spending cuts to the pentagon and domestic programs. the spending authorization is on his way to the white house for president obama signature. >> the new spending bill passed by congress continues the requirement for six they mail delivery. but some lawmake in post officlawmakers and postal officials say that the plan is to cut saturday service that it should proceed. last month the postal service said it was which in august to a 5 day service for first-class mail but they continued the six daypack is delivered. they argue that they will still have to deliver over six days, but the difference is that not all the mail will be delivered on all six days. >> several bay area law enforcement agencies will be joining a global on-line tweet upon. nearly 200 police department agencies from run the united states and at least 10 countries of brawled with used twitter to track a day of petroleum,
Mar 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
nuclear weapon used to be taboo of the country. and there is no apparent official government will to do so. but the tensions between the two caribbean nations and amplified over the weeks, becoming more reminiscent of the cold war. >> tea party favorite senator rand paul is endorsing a path to citizenship for the nation's illegal immigrants. paul is expected to unveil his proposal in a speech today at the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. the endorsement put paul with a growing number of republicans to hold the policy shift abroad and the gop's appeal to latino voters. >> if a new survey finds that the president obamas job approval rating has dipped below 50% for the first time since september. the cnn poll shows that the spotlight in recent months on fiscal and budget issues or contributed to the drop in numbers. meanwhile, 54 percent of americans had an unfavorable view of the republican party. >> if the call numbers came a day after the republican national committee released a major review of their performance in the 2012 elections. >> a boost for backers of same-sex marriage. forme
Mar 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
21st graders still in newtown school massacre met the government's father in an effort to bring some closure to the tragedy. mother alyssa byrne parker met with adam lanza as father peter lanza for in our hour and asked about his son's medical history and other issues. the parkers six year-old daughter, emilie died in a shooting rampage. the senate has passed a huge spending bill to fund the government through the end of september. the bill will avoid a partial federal shut down at the end of the month. about today in the house with the measure to the president for his signature. it includes funding for the day-to-day operating budgets of every cabinet agency and another $87 billion for military operations in afghanistan and iraq. >> recordings have surfaced of an anti-gay tirade by boat musicians michelle shocked. it was during a sunday night performance intemperances go. >> i am sick of christians and filled with hypocrisy hiding behind a symbol of all crossed. >> after the ranch, the clubyoshi's pull the plug and ended the shows. since sunday, at least 10 venues around the co
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
close to the white house are in said getting a tour in broken government. >> we should have got of the house because this was the people's house. >> the tour comes at a high price. >> a terrible example to give these kids. >> it is like reading a promise. >> jim acousta the white house. >> taking a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. an easy ride. [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start. t-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... ignition. [ male announcer ] launch your internet experience on at&t's newly expanded advanced digital network and connect more wi-fi-enabled devices at home. [ female announcer ] call to get u-verse high speed internet starting at $14.95 a month -- a guaranteed price for 12 months. or ask how to get your choice of a kindle fire hd, sonos play:3 or xbox 360 free with other qualifying internet offers. [ male announcer ] and get more speed for wi-fi gaming, more reliability than ever and more connectivity between devices. [ female announcer ] so call to get u-verse high speed internet starting at $14.95 a month -- a guaranteed price for 12 months. or ask how to
Mar 25, 2013 7:00am PDT
detention facility to the afghan government. is the only detention facility in the country that was under american control. a transfer ceremony is set for today and next to the u.s. run about room military base north of kabul. the u.s. was supposed to fully hand over the facility last september after signing an agreement to do so year ago. the transfer was held up pending a final deal between the u.s. and afghans over the release of dangerous prisoners. rebels have or rebels and overturned the president of the central african republic, season the presidential palace in declaring that the desperately poor country has opened a new page in its history. the president fled the capital. the rebels a maze of the capital comes as two months after they had signed a peace agreement that would of land and the president served until 2016. the deal unraveled in recent days. >> police in south san francisco are searching for a serial arsonist who started three fires in the city over the weekend. police said two fires were lit in orange park on memorial drive and a third was started near 500 block
Mar 26, 2013 7:00am PDT
they followed a briefing with the court? >> exactly. you grab and government time on each specific issue. people were saying that they wanted to hear this particular argument especially. >> about oral arguments started 1520 minutes ago. no information out. i know they can't we did but someone could run it down >> we will follow the latest. not until june will we get the final decision from the supreme court. >738 >> 7:35 a.m.. is a great start to the morning yesterday and more the way a sunshine today. currently in the 40's are '50s. we a passing sprinkle over night, also a possibility of the early afternoon. tomorrow more in the way of cloud cover and the potential for a small shower. more rain on the way as we head into the weekend. we have changes to talk about in the weather center. full details on what to expect up in just a few minutes. >> a quick check of las the we're checking right out. slow ride on interstate 880 and the southbound direction. a couple of minor accidents recently occurred. they have added to what would normally be a slower rise. this should be about 37 min
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6